The ICT trajectory is an utmost vital element of the project. Apart from making the whole administrative process less complex and better accessible and transparent, three subjects are paramount:

--supervision and control of supply and stock of LPG and distribution to more that 20,000 outlets through- out the country,

--management and control of the micro credits provided and monitoring re-payment. A) From re-fillers and end-users to their rural banks; B) between rural banks and the credit providing main (central) bank in Accra.

--controlling instruments that are built-in on behalf of investors, supervisors and stake holders.


An ICT company is established as an independent body to secure a well operating electronic network. Compexco entails specialism as far as software development, monitoring and maintenance is concerned with a great accent on e-banking. To secure perfect working hardware from a well established brand, a contract has been signed between Compexco and the computer manufacturer XXODD from Netherlands.

Technical know-how is available on a basis of exclusivity and fast spare parts supply is secured ‘around the corner’. (almost)

To be able to provide 24/7 service, Compexco is establishing 38 service centres throughout the country.

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