Information over the Financial Leaflet

The presentation of a Financial Leaflet is required by Law in connection with the issuance of bonds. This Financial Leaflet is a document of Thomas Aquinas Foundation and structured as required by Law.

The objective is to outline the financial parameters of Foundation Thomas Aquinas and to enable the prospective buyer comparison with other financial products.

This Financial Leaflet does not give information specific to the individual prospect and does not give extensive explanation on your rights and duties. More detailed information can be taken from our Prospectus that is available for you on demand. Thomas Aquinas Foundation strongly recommends you to take good notice of the content. This Financial Leaflet is permanently updated.

Short description of the Bonds Issuer

Thomas Aquinas Foundation is established in Accra-Ghana and registered with Registrar General in Accra on 28 August 2009 under number G.29.233. The external accountant companies are PriceWaterhouse Coopers (Ghana & Netherlands) Internal auditors are Intellisys Audit Services (Accra). Administrative Manager of the bonds of Thomas Aquinas Foundation in the Netherlands is bewaarbedrijf ING Groenbank Amsterdam.

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